Thursday, December 06, 2012

GOP Strategy Brilliant on Cliff


What brilliant strategy. If the “fiscal cliff” is to be played by the standard rules of late, a solution will come at the last minute. What is happening is that Obama is standing fast on those rate increases and appearing very uncompromising even in the mainstream leftist media. If the Republicans give on rates and then do not follow up on deductions and “loopholes”, they have won. But since they gave on rates the deductions and “loopholes” are off the table. The wealthy save by deductions and loopholes, not rates.

Obama appears uncompromising and the loser in the eyes of the many asking for compromise. The Republicans get a short term loss, but are the compromisers and statesmen. They saved the nation from the cliff, not Obama. In the end the upper crust is left in the same place.

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