Saturday, September 28, 2013

US and Happiness

There are alternative ways to show development in today’s world. One common way is to develop a “Happiness” index. This combines measures of things thought to make people happy. They do have issues over whether certain items indeed indicate happiness. For example, does wealth indicate happiness or would living in a sustainable way that is poorer indicate a happier life. Some are seeing America as a very unhappy place today, yet any financial indicators would put it to the top of being happy.
Of course the point raised today is that America does not look like a happy country.  The murder issue in many cities does not look very smiley.  The growing concern over the lack of civility marks tension not happiness.  I isolation of technology noted in the behavior of many, speaks of unhappiness.  The political infighting over the basic nature and future of the country seems endless, and this is further underlined by the drastic differences in viewpoints struggling for superiority.  Is America to be a place of freedom and Individual lives, or is it a group collective where safety provided by the gods of the state determine the nature of life.  The battle is so essential that one begins to think it could not happen in a place defined as happy.  Even the poor and liberals would wrench in pain if the United States were a model of a happy place.  Government growth and communal takeover of life is furthered by pain.  Exploit that pain until we are all robots of the fascist state the liberals seek. ere considered a happy place on financial terms.  They see us as the bottom.

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