Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dark Day for America and all Americans


While the press cheers, the the Democrats rejoice, while the Republicans smart, but everyone lost this week.   One group of people tried to take a stand against the government controlling our lives and they lost.  The press beat on them and beat on them.  Ridicule was heaped on them.  Now the road to spending America into the ground has been cleared of its debris.

Do note that the fascists spent more money in the process.  The bill included a number of spending items.  Odd that only MSNBC ( that I was able to see) mentioned them and listed them.  One would expect them to be the most likely to hide spending of money, or do they just rejoice in the high of spending?

If one accepts the presses’ choice of interviewees, spending should proceed to its highest.  Only the crazy want to stop.  Only the crazies fear a debt  of 20 Trillion or even more. 

Of course the real crisis will come when the world economy refuses to buy our debt.  They will force us to buy for a while, but without the world doing it, collapse is the result.  Who will the press and the supporters of spending blame when China says no thanks, or just a mutual fund in some Asian country says not thanks (Senator Tom Coburn’s example in The Debt Bomb). 

I can see NBC or ABC now with prime time lineups on the canning of vegetables and the joys of poverty when the government is not unable to pay because of legislative limits but unable to pay because no one will lend them the money.

will we buy “Them Asians” or those Chinese.  Look what they have done to us, or will we grow up and admit, we did this ourselves.  We ridicule those saying it was going to happen.  We laughed at warnings as racism. 

Even in the short run think of how many could be helped if the half trillion in payments of interst on the debt went to actually helping kids or the disabled?  What will we do if the potential large scale disasters facing the US happen.  A cliff in the Azores could slip any day and the east coast could be hit with a tsunami.  Might be nice to have a trillion to fix that one, or the expected big one in California.  can we ask the world to finance us an extra couple trillion to fix these.  Let your people hurt so we can fix things?  That is not going to sell.

How will all the folks just wild over government spending more and more react when the government says sorry, no more left.  How much will the riots cause us to wish we had listened?

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