Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Impeachment Gets Propaganda Boost


Shopping at the market it was noticed that the Globe had its front page filled with a headline on Impeachment for Obama.  With the Impeachment Season beginning on January 2, 2015, it is interesting to see the press that so many who are not really involved much with politics are bound to notice.  Many accept such things.  What a boost to the coming season.  Public support.  If the National Enquirer joins suit, it certainly must be in the cards.  Could they be wrong?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cabaret is us


Cabaret [1972] follows the life of American Sally Bowles and her compatriots at the Kit-Kat Club in Berlin in the 1930s. Joel Grey, as the emcee in the stage show, states the purpose of the show as being that life outside is disappointing, but here everything is beautiful. Put that outside truly outside your mind and enjoy. While it is clearly Berlin in the 1930s, is it so much more, like America in 2014? The parallels are multiple and scary. Strictly as Germany in the 1930s it shows a world quickly being overtaken by totalitarian fascism with many ugly sides. The film has a giant elephant in the room throughout it and the cast is in the process of accepting and/or adjusting to it in a clear show of decadent behavior.

The Cabaret makes light and fun of the world for a mixed audience of damaged souls. It promotes and exposes the corrupt world while only hinting about the fascist elephant. Enjoy!, escape!, We the future looks changing and disastrous. “Money Makes the World Go Around” mimics the greed of America from bottom to top, Sally Bowles saying”…when I go I’, going like Elsie” forecasts enjoyment of a valueless life that was their fate and increasingly ours.

The Nazis singing in the park and the masses joining in as those more aware cringe. Americans cheer as their land of freedom becomes totalitarian. Totalitarian? Yes. Name an area of life that is not controlled or influenced by government, and ridiculed if ti is not? It is impossible actually as the question lacks an answer.

So Americans party in ignorance of the impending doom. In Cabaret they find illumination too late. Will we?

Of course a major difference is that the Nazis beat up the opposition while in America they are just marginalized via ridicule. Publically ridiculed they are disenfranchised. They are a silly or worse part of an equation where they work out to a zero. You can tell it easily because it is the place the fascists violate their pc rules. They are supporters of women’s right yet national insult and degrade any woman not in line with fascist policy. Note the disenfranchisement of the Tea Party as racist or stupid for not wanting to spend into the ground.

“Tomorrow Belongs to Me” is the key. The elites tell the lower classes of the rewards if American belongs to them while making their deals with business.

And in America. The dancing girls dance as the band plays on as the fascists’ wreak their damage. Cabaret is Berlin in the 19030s and Chicago in the 2010s.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Fascist Reality/Future of America.

The United States is like a couple walking down the Totalitarian Highway thinking they have freedom because they can argue over whether to walk down the right side or the left side of the road.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dark Day for America and all Americans


While the press cheers, the the Democrats rejoice, while the Republicans smart, but everyone lost this week.   One group of people tried to take a stand against the government controlling our lives and they lost.  The press beat on them and beat on them.  Ridicule was heaped on them.  Now the road to spending America into the ground has been cleared of its debris.

Do note that the fascists spent more money in the process.  The bill included a number of spending items.  Odd that only MSNBC ( that I was able to see) mentioned them and listed them.  One would expect them to be the most likely to hide spending of money, or do they just rejoice in the high of spending?

If one accepts the presses’ choice of interviewees, spending should proceed to its highest.  Only the crazy want to stop.  Only the crazies fear a debt  of 20 Trillion or even more. 

Of course the real crisis will come when the world economy refuses to buy our debt.  They will force us to buy for a while, but without the world doing it, collapse is the result.  Who will the press and the supporters of spending blame when China says no thanks, or just a mutual fund in some Asian country says not thanks (Senator Tom Coburn’s example in The Debt Bomb). 

I can see NBC or ABC now with prime time lineups on the canning of vegetables and the joys of poverty when the government is not unable to pay because of legislative limits but unable to pay because no one will lend them the money.

will we buy “Them Asians” or those Chinese.  Look what they have done to us, or will we grow up and admit, we did this ourselves.  We ridicule those saying it was going to happen.  We laughed at warnings as racism. 

Even in the short run think of how many could be helped if the half trillion in payments of interst on the debt went to actually helping kids or the disabled?  What will we do if the potential large scale disasters facing the US happen.  A cliff in the Azores could slip any day and the east coast could be hit with a tsunami.  Might be nice to have a trillion to fix that one, or the expected big one in California.  can we ask the world to finance us an extra couple trillion to fix these.  Let your people hurt so we can fix things?  That is not going to sell.

How will all the folks just wild over government spending more and more react when the government says sorry, no more left.  How much will the riots cause us to wish we had listened?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

US and Happiness

There are alternative ways to show development in today’s world. One common way is to develop a “Happiness” index. This combines measures of things thought to make people happy. They do have issues over whether certain items indeed indicate happiness. For example, does wealth indicate happiness or would living in a sustainable way that is poorer indicate a happier life. Some are seeing America as a very unhappy place today, yet any financial indicators would put it to the top of being happy.
Of course the point raised today is that America does not look like a happy country.  The murder issue in many cities does not look very smiley.  The growing concern over the lack of civility marks tension not happiness.  I isolation of technology noted in the behavior of many, speaks of unhappiness.  The political infighting over the basic nature and future of the country seems endless, and this is further underlined by the drastic differences in viewpoints struggling for superiority.  Is America to be a place of freedom and Individual lives, or is it a group collective where safety provided by the gods of the state determine the nature of life.  The battle is so essential that one begins to think it could not happen in a place defined as happy.  Even the poor and liberals would wrench in pain if the United States were a model of a happy place.  Government growth and communal takeover of life is furthered by pain.  Exploit that pain until we are all robots of the fascist state the liberals seek. ere considered a happy place on financial terms.  They see us as the bottom.

The Choice

Robert Graves, in I, Claudius, had Emperor Claudius, when looking over the mess around him him and feeling powerless, say “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.” 

This is the strategy the Conservative side should take.  Do nothing but let the impending failure and mess happen.  The biggest possible mark against the program will be to let it happen as written.  Even the Obama regime has admitted things are not going well in some areas (hence the waivers and delay of imposing on business).  If the Congress itself does not want it, how awful can it possibly become.  They point to successes only by using their interpretation of data that others see the other way (many see costs of insurance up while Obama looks at numbers to talk down in the face of up).  If they misdefined the affordable in terms of individuals so some families will have to forgo subsidies.  Let it all happen.  They wrote it and they connived to pass it (if what they did counts as legal passing). 

The abomination’s worst enemy is itself.  Look at the writers of the bill.  Look at the ignorance of those voting on the bill of the bill.  As Pelosi said, “We have to pass this bill in order to find out what it says.”  Let is happen.  “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.”

Friday, September 20, 2013

"There is a sucker born every minute" --P. T. Barnum (possibly David Hannum)

Old P.T. was right then, and certainly right today. So much of the American public is easily described as suckers. The buy the bilge the criminals in Washington put out as policy and legislation. The ony issue is tha they must be born faster than one a minute. 

Another government debt limit crisis without any serious solutions to the problem. If we gave a credit card to a 12 year old, they would display more sense than 80% of the elected criminals in Washington D.C. 

I have heard more and more people saying good shut it down, including Jay Leno. Myself I just say replacement the elected criminals with totally new people. Do not shut it down, replace it or them. Only then can an intelligent discussion of the coming destruction of the United States be accomplished. Senator Tom Coburn's (R0OK) book The Debt Bomb leads to that conclusion. While he continues to try, the suckers will buy any bilge the criminals put out, so total replacement is the only answer.
But sadly the suckers will buy another run at fraudulent statesmanship of making that last minute deal to save us all while really selling us down the tubes. When the suckers suddenly find that overspending is being handled by a future destruction of the dollar--when the suckers have to pay $10 for that gallon of gas and $15 for a hamburger--will they begin to come out of their stupor and toss the criminals out. The criminals believe the suckers will accept their claim that Bush did it, but many will no longer remember Bush and the criminals might be exposed for they shysters they are. A pox on all their houses.