Friday, July 19, 2013

Government Can’t Do It says Obama

An amazing press conference visit [July 19] by Obama brought the startling revelation, for him, that racism cannot be fought by politicians, hence government, but has to be dealt with among people, families, etc.  This runs counter to everything he and his party believe.  Government has all the answers in their normal talk, but suddenly it cannot do something.  Look back at Clintons' It takes a village to raise a Child book, the  family cannot do it, well in line with earlier Marxist writers.  It almost seems the man is giving up on his goals by just saying such a thing.  He did look tired.

Of course, he is right this time.  How often does that happen?  It must indicate some shift in his thinking.  To just show up by surprise and make such a reversal of philosophy is beyond belief.  One is free to wonder if he really believes what he said or did not think it out as those of his party do?