Monday, July 20, 2009

Gang Comes Up From Basement

The gang has been in the basement, feeling locked in by work. They were shocked to finally come up the stairs and find the sun shining. It was short lived. Obama’s stimulus package might spend something on jobs in a year or so, but the debt load is staggering. Is there enough money to actually cover it? After surveying the world, the gang debated whether to go back in the basement, launch a festival of Susan Hayward films, or apply to for stimulus fun ding to determine how many Julie London songs fit on an iPod Shuffle.

Of Course, we are dosing ourselves in more Keynesian economics. Spend to get out of a downturn. To bad we never learned the second half of the lesson: be responsible and save when times are good. We started spending in 1933 and never stopped seeing places to spend it. Half the theory is worse than none.