Friday, December 11, 2009

Danc e Outrage

So You Think You Can Dance pulled a unfairness this week. Ashley got hurt and got numerous mentions to play to the sympathy vote, based on no dancing. Mollee, who had the best dance of the season with Jacob Tuesday, got tossed. How unfair. At least Russell, the best of the men, is still in the mix. Mollee's dance with Jacob could hav e been plunked in any Love Story type college movie and shown as performed. Beautiful. Ashley is not much of a dancer compared to the rest. Very stiff, almost forcing it at times. But she hurt herself so they played it up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Downhill Time for Obama

The gang came out from the fall retreat, my the leaves are nice, to start wondering about this Obama. The main focus is whether he is the "New Nixon" with his enemies list especially the Fox Network, the "New Fascist" with his attempt to control thought as with the NEA grants, or the "New Marxist" with his obvious set of marxist advisors and redustribution of wealth advisors. So hard to figure out a guy so flustered and going down the tubes that he is a cloud of contridictions.

His enemies list makes him the New Nixon. His people have opnely declared war on Fox News. I supose he has lost his look at Kennedy and Roosevelt and shifted his admiration to Nixon.

That he is attempting to control the health care debate so tightly is Fascist policy. The National Endowment for the Arts giving out grants for artists with grants or wnating them to promote health care change is not an American way of doing things. He beats down Humana for its suggestion to clinets that the new policy might damage thier policies with Humana. Nixon was never this bad.

And he is surrounded by advisors who are Marxist. Dunn admires Mao in a speech she gave. Others have that kind of redustrutionist leaning. He is on the attack at American buiness and thinks jobs will just appear as you beat down those who create them. He went to the G20 and acted like the French have, apologizing for being more than a Third World place over the last centrueis. Let us now rejoice as we take a back seat in world affairs and just become also rans like some of Europe. He sees American not as a beacon of freedom but as a bully to be destoyed and cornered. Michelle's not being proud of America was actually her husband's full view if he were honest with us.

Now where were those bunker plans?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going Downhill

The gang was horrified to see the health care debate turn racist over night. The supporters of Obama;s plan are now equating opposition to it with racism. Jimmy Carter has joined this crowd. We knew Obama's friends would be his worst enemies. We never could expect they would be this controlling and dictatorial in their attempts. If you do not want the government running your health care, you are a racist? These people should be shamed and the public should see them for the racists they are. There is no place in America for them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Passing

The passing of Ted Kennedy brings another pause for the gang. So many of the names the gang has grown and lived with are leaving us. Never supporters of Ted Kennedy, for obvious reasons, he nonetheless has been there with so many others. The gang noted that in the Fargo Forum, when you left the fronyt page for the remainders of the articles on Kennedy, and ad for alcohol products took the whole center 3 inches of the page from top to bottom. Just not the right place for the ad, yet Kennedy never seemed to be in just the right place either. Such prospects he had, yet such failures.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Rebellion

The gang has noted a growing rebellion. They also have noticed that the same Liberals who shouted down conservatives these last years are now crying and moaning that someone is doing the same thing back to them and how terrible it is. Health care is very personal to people. You can range far and wide on tiopics like Iraq, but health is near to home. As the phrase goes, "All politics is local", when you talk nationalization of health care it is not an unemotional issues for many. This people live every day. Iraq most do not. Expect outbursts of emotion then.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gang Comes Up From Basement

The gang has been in the basement, feeling locked in by work. They were shocked to finally come up the stairs and find the sun shining. It was short lived. Obama’s stimulus package might spend something on jobs in a year or so, but the debt load is staggering. Is there enough money to actually cover it? After surveying the world, the gang debated whether to go back in the basement, launch a festival of Susan Hayward films, or apply to for stimulus fun ding to determine how many Julie London songs fit on an iPod Shuffle.

Of Course, we are dosing ourselves in more Keynesian economics. Spend to get out of a downturn. To bad we never learned the second half of the lesson: be responsible and save when times are good. We started spending in 1933 and never stopped seeing places to spend it. Half the theory is worse than none.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Begins

The gang at the lake has been busy sitting back and watching it all happen. Obama is in and things seem to be settling down. Of interest to the gang is that Obama does not seem so bad so far. He seems to be following his predicted pattern subject to the economu taking some steam out of his more socialist plans. Even Marx would have said captialism has to be well advanced to provide for all, so that is expectexd. A good thing.

The gangs attention is directed at the non-change oriented people that Obama has around him. Both in the Congress and some of his own people will have to embrace that the word change does not mean they get to be the recivers of graft instead of others. The Clinton appointment probably brings that out the most. Reid and Pelosi are the big two fears Obama must have. I think Obama wants to move on in an honest way, but the rest of his crowd does seem to have other plans. His look as Biden chided Justice Roberts told the gang Obama might be ok but Biden joined in with Reid and Pelosi in not being on the team.

Obama has some team building to do. Change is not we now punish those who have not agreed with us. That is not a new direction. That one goes back to Jefferson and Adams.