Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Begins

The gang at the lake has been busy sitting back and watching it all happen. Obama is in and things seem to be settling down. Of interest to the gang is that Obama does not seem so bad so far. He seems to be following his predicted pattern subject to the economu taking some steam out of his more socialist plans. Even Marx would have said captialism has to be well advanced to provide for all, so that is expectexd. A good thing.

The gangs attention is directed at the non-change oriented people that Obama has around him. Both in the Congress and some of his own people will have to embrace that the word change does not mean they get to be the recivers of graft instead of others. The Clinton appointment probably brings that out the most. Reid and Pelosi are the big two fears Obama must have. I think Obama wants to move on in an honest way, but the rest of his crowd does seem to have other plans. His look as Biden chided Justice Roberts told the gang Obama might be ok but Biden joined in with Reid and Pelosi in not being on the team.

Obama has some team building to do. Change is not we now punish those who have not agreed with us. That is not a new direction. That one goes back to Jefferson and Adams.

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