Friday, March 31, 2006

Lawyer Outrage II

The Today Show [March 31, 2006] carried an interview by a lawyer launching his lawsuit against the tanning lotion industry because the marketing claims to not match the reality of using the product. That is why we have instructions! Everyone knows that one applies and applies through the day. Every bottle tells you to put enough on. A request ot NBC to let people know about the proper ways in which to use lotion, and a friendly note to the companies that people may need some reminding of the nature of the lotions would be the nice way to do this. BUT, that would not generate an unidentified, but no doubt in the millions fee, for the lawyer. This guy is precisely what is wrong with the American legal system. It is based on suits and making money for the lawyers. Not everything benefits from a lawsuit.

Since we all need the litions to be outside for any length, we all are going to pay for that "lawyers" vacations., car, house, and cottage for the rest of our lives. If he really cared, the friendly way would have worked so much easier and at no cost to us.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol-10 Cut

It was sad to see Lisa go, but it was predictable. Lisa can sing but she just never had that crowd grabbing something or it. She certainly was a pro about losing out. She needs some showbiz training and she will be back and on fire. She might just have been too young and vulnerable.

Three larger show items took place last night:

1. Seacrist did not reveal how many phone votes they took in. He has been sure to make a big point of that the previous several weeks. They obviously were down. The fault lies in the lackluster performances of Tuesday, and the fault for that lies not with the contestants, but with FOX or 19. The choice of 21st Century music was one for the outhouse. What song of the last six years has a giant nationwide audience? I cannot name one even close. We have had elevator music. I am sure that decline, unless Ryan just left it out, weighs large on the AI crew. Give them something to sing, and they shall provide. We have had two weeks of this now [with Manilow inbetween]. Stevie is great, but who else can sing that stuff? The 2000s have been lean on good songs.

2. They heard us and let Lisa finish her song. Not one second more, but she got to the last note. They were rude to the earlier losers. They had fans and should have gotten to finsih. Lisa did.

3. Given the horrible theme choice, they missed Kevin more than they probably thought. Part of the engtertainment value was gone. Sad.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lawyer Outrage I

The Fargo Forum noted this week that the lawyers for bankrupt Northwest and Delta are expected to get $276 million dollars for their work of reinventing the wheel. Hard working people are going to lose their shirts, and these vultures make such big earnings. At least the oil companies spread it out to stock holders and new investments. All the lawyers do is write memos to themsleves on topics they already know [as the Forum implies], then invest in their own lives. I hope the bankruptcy judge gives them the puny few thousnads they deserve. But then he is a part of their racket, isn';t he.

American Idol Moves Along

With all the grief in the world, it is comforting to have American Idol going full strength. The gang at the lake is backing Paris and Taylor, although admits that Chris has the best shot at the idol spot. Paris has the training and background to sing what she wants to sing to the pleasure of the audience. Taylor is gray and that counts. He is a Joe Crocker of years ago. A favorite at the lake.

The gang has been focused upon Carrie Underwood's version of "Hello Young Lovers" from last season. They have it playing over and over after finally locating a copy on the web. How wonderful it is. Broadway is big with the tire in the lake crowd.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

World On Edge

The gang at the lake is on edge about the increasing danger the world is in. Not since the early 1960s and the bomb scares has the gang felt so close to disaster. Vitisting those bomb shelters had a real impact, but the news is worse now and actually more real than then. The Soviets were actually never going to bomb us, but now the case is different.

The world of Islam has shown little restraint in talking about power and death. Its ancient view of the world is one of doom and death. Where is the sound of reason in that area? When westerners propose activities that are far out, there is a reaction to make that nature known. America is not seeing that from the Middle East. The gang knows those people are there, but the American media fails to show them. This produces a sense of fear and loathing. The radical Islamic view is the only view normally heard because it is the news that the media loves. It is exciting. Peace is not a good story. Moderation is not a good story.

The media needs to seek out the moderates and make them the show case of what the Middle East is. How would most Americans even know there was a moderate alive in the Middle East at this time?

American Idol Thus Far

American Idol V has been underway for some weeks now. The gang at the lake has eagerly awaited each and every episode. After sorting through the usual gang of wanabes, the final 12 has emerged, down to 10 tonight.

Paris is the favorite among the gang. This young 16-year-old has the genes of a singing family and the pipes to win. She took a Gladys Knight and the Pips song [I Heard it Through the Grapevine] and out performed Gladys. She can look so professional, and yet look 12 in the next camera shot. She is expected to win or take second.

Kevin is a favorite at the lake, but not to win. He is pure enterntainment. He knows he will not be the ideol, but he is a 17 year-old just pumping every moment for attention from the ladies. The gang recalls being 17 and wanting any attention whatsoever. We were all thrilled by anything. Here is Kevin living our dream from long ago. More power to him. He could easily have a singing career ahead. In one song images of the Three Tenors came to mind for a few select notes. If he can hit just a couple of notes and sound like that, he can hit more. He needs training and school

Chirs is the favorite by the odds, and considered the front runner by the gang. He can really pelt out a song.

Taylor's gray hair carried him into third by the gang;s list. Our people! He has the Joe Crocker look and act. Joe is a fave at the lake.

The gang also support Lisa and Katherine. They have futures, too.