Wednesday, March 15, 2006

World On Edge

The gang at the lake is on edge about the increasing danger the world is in. Not since the early 1960s and the bomb scares has the gang felt so close to disaster. Vitisting those bomb shelters had a real impact, but the news is worse now and actually more real than then. The Soviets were actually never going to bomb us, but now the case is different.

The world of Islam has shown little restraint in talking about power and death. Its ancient view of the world is one of doom and death. Where is the sound of reason in that area? When westerners propose activities that are far out, there is a reaction to make that nature known. America is not seeing that from the Middle East. The gang knows those people are there, but the American media fails to show them. This produces a sense of fear and loathing. The radical Islamic view is the only view normally heard because it is the news that the media loves. It is exciting. Peace is not a good story. Moderation is not a good story.

The media needs to seek out the moderates and make them the show case of what the Middle East is. How would most Americans even know there was a moderate alive in the Middle East at this time?

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