Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol Thus Far

American Idol V has been underway for some weeks now. The gang at the lake has eagerly awaited each and every episode. After sorting through the usual gang of wanabes, the final 12 has emerged, down to 10 tonight.

Paris is the favorite among the gang. This young 16-year-old has the genes of a singing family and the pipes to win. She took a Gladys Knight and the Pips song [I Heard it Through the Grapevine] and out performed Gladys. She can look so professional, and yet look 12 in the next camera shot. She is expected to win or take second.

Kevin is a favorite at the lake, but not to win. He is pure enterntainment. He knows he will not be the ideol, but he is a 17 year-old just pumping every moment for attention from the ladies. The gang recalls being 17 and wanting any attention whatsoever. We were all thrilled by anything. Here is Kevin living our dream from long ago. More power to him. He could easily have a singing career ahead. In one song images of the Three Tenors came to mind for a few select notes. If he can hit just a couple of notes and sound like that, he can hit more. He needs training and school

Chirs is the favorite by the odds, and considered the front runner by the gang. He can really pelt out a song.

Taylor's gray hair carried him into third by the gang;s list. Our people! He has the Joe Crocker look and act. Joe is a fave at the lake.

The gang also support Lisa and Katherine. They have futures, too.

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