Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Choice

Robert Graves, in I, Claudius, had Emperor Claudius, when looking over the mess around him him and feeling powerless, say “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.” 

This is the strategy the Conservative side should take.  Do nothing but let the impending failure and mess happen.  The biggest possible mark against the program will be to let it happen as written.  Even the Obama regime has admitted things are not going well in some areas (hence the waivers and delay of imposing on business).  If the Congress itself does not want it, how awful can it possibly become.  They point to successes only by using their interpretation of data that others see the other way (many see costs of insurance up while Obama looks at numbers to talk down in the face of up).  If they misdefined the affordable in terms of individuals so some families will have to forgo subsidies.  Let it all happen.  They wrote it and they connived to pass it (if what they did counts as legal passing). 

The abomination’s worst enemy is itself.  Look at the writers of the bill.  Look at the ignorance of those voting on the bill of the bill.  As Pelosi said, “We have to pass this bill in order to find out what it says.”  Let is happen.  “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.”

Friday, September 20, 2013

"There is a sucker born every minute" --P. T. Barnum (possibly David Hannum)

Old P.T. was right then, and certainly right today. So much of the American public is easily described as suckers. The buy the bilge the criminals in Washington put out as policy and legislation. The ony issue is tha they must be born faster than one a minute. 

Another government debt limit crisis without any serious solutions to the problem. If we gave a credit card to a 12 year old, they would display more sense than 80% of the elected criminals in Washington D.C. 

I have heard more and more people saying good shut it down, including Jay Leno. Myself I just say replacement the elected criminals with totally new people. Do not shut it down, replace it or them. Only then can an intelligent discussion of the coming destruction of the United States be accomplished. Senator Tom Coburn's (R0OK) book The Debt Bomb leads to that conclusion. While he continues to try, the suckers will buy any bilge the criminals put out, so total replacement is the only answer.
But sadly the suckers will buy another run at fraudulent statesmanship of making that last minute deal to save us all while really selling us down the tubes. When the suckers suddenly find that overspending is being handled by a future destruction of the dollar--when the suckers have to pay $10 for that gallon of gas and $15 for a hamburger--will they begin to come out of their stupor and toss the criminals out. The criminals believe the suckers will accept their claim that Bush did it, but many will no longer remember Bush and the criminals might be exposed for they shysters they are. A pox on all their houses.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The People Ignored

Funny how the Washington elites can turn on the people.  They want to serve the people and the people are important until the survey says the people do not agree with them.  Boxer showed that on Sunday TV by pointing out that the people have not seen what she has seen, even if Obama has be quite open about showing things, and she knows better.  What elitist  trash.  What she has seen is useless compared to a public not wanting another war that will up the charge card some more with hardly a person in Washington with the sense to look and say hey we are going down the tubes.

Unless the chemical weapons stash is gone, bombing anything cannot make our world safer.  Just Obama into the moral compass he wants to be buts fails.  Brings out the children being killed propaganda, but parties when we kill 7000 babies here a day.  Moral when it suits his purpose.  That means you cannot trust his sense of morality, he is making it up as he goes.

All troops from all continents, home now!  Hey that is what the liberals have wanted for decades unless their district sells something to the military.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Government Can’t Do It says Obama

An amazing press conference visit [July 19] by Obama brought the startling revelation, for him, that racism cannot be fought by politicians, hence government, but has to be dealt with among people, families, etc.  This runs counter to everything he and his party believe.  Government has all the answers in their normal talk, but suddenly it cannot do something.  Look back at Clintons' It takes a village to raise a Child book, the  family cannot do it, well in line with earlier Marxist writers.  It almost seems the man is giving up on his goals by just saying such a thing.  He did look tired.

Of course, he is right this time.  How often does that happen?  It must indicate some shift in his thinking.  To just show up by surprise and make such a reversal of philosophy is beyond belief.  One is free to wonder if he really believes what he said or did not think it out as those of his party do?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Annette Funicello

in memory 1942-2013

Annette played a major part in the lives of many baby boomers.  She was not a great figure in education, politics, art, and such; but was a symbol of a period of time when things just seemed better in the United States.  The gang at the lake mourns her passing.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Law is the answer?

Is "law" the answer to problems? or, is it merely a palliative bordering on a joke? The Washington crowd fully buys the concept that to pass a law solves all problems. Their egos tell them this is what I do, it must work. If the law fails to solve the problem, more law is the only possible answer. As the supreme source of law, the Washington crowd is deep into making Americans dependent upon secular government. Law can solve it all and produce a country filled with "great" values. Now violence will end with more laws. It is part of the mantra of government. The record is poor. 

The "War on Poverty" legislation ended poverty, did it not? The War of Drugs just wiped out drug use. It is illegal, it just be gone. Education can be improved only via law. we must lead the world in that one. Murder is banned by a lot of laws, it cannot possibly exist now. 

In the end the success rate of law is quite poor. Law solves little. But it does promote careers in the Washington Game. I passed a law is the first claim of the candidates. The American public is known for not following along, so they buy this. They buy it like candy at Christmas or Easter, an ice cream cone in July. P. T. Barnum has it right, there is s sucker bone every minute, and Washington believes in W. C. Fields "never give a sucker and even break." . America needs a sense of shame. Open those eyes. Breathe the stupidity.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Drones in America: The Filibuster


One has to wonder why the administration would consider a simple no to Senator Rand Paul’s question so hard to give?  To not give an answer is to leave wide open the possibility that the answer is yes, yet the full liberal segment of the nation would yell that “no” is the answer.

In the end one has to further speculate that the dug in, no compromise position of the administration has taken such deep hold that even answering obvious questions of a constitutional nature provokes a divise response rather than the obvious answer.  Again an answer the liberal side would overwhelmingly, if not totally, support.

Is Obama that set on being divisive?  What does he hope to get from this when all oppose this digging in position.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Government as the Source of Values?

Kristine Arriaga, of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, was on the Bill O’Reilly Show the other week talking about her view of the state of Christianity and the government. She said, “The secular progressives want the state to be the only place people can get their values.” I think one can see that happening in a country where we have slowly moved from a charity dominated caring system to an entrenched government system.

Her more immediate topic was to make a brief addition to the “War on Christmas” squabble that the nation has been having since 2005 (in its present form). To this point she noted that Castro banned Christmas elements as part of changing who we [they] are. While multicultural, diversity, and constitutional areas are certainly involved in changing the place of relation in American society, she points out the outcome of the liberal attack on faith. The attack is meant to diminish while at the same time bring the new god of the state to the forefront.

As debate rages over whether the destruction of faith is the liberal goal, the impact of just having such a debate is that faith is diminished. One destroys by diminishing. Anything the media casts in a negative light is diminished when that attack is continual. The same is true for the other direction. The national change in attitudes toward gay and lesbian right is an example. What had been negative is slowly turned to a positive. But the reverse is true, too. Constant negative turns the positive to the negative.

As the government and media diminish faith, the gay-lesbian change is also example of the government takeover of values. It leads at times rather than follows. So, that the government is the new source of values is not making too much of a leap.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Donations Update

The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University explains the government's policy on giving the government donations.  Learn about you gifts at  31 USC § 3113

Amazing as it seems, a policy and law is requird for the government to just take in a donation.  One would think they would just add it to the pot, subject to designations on where the money should be spent.  They say the government does get donations.  So showing your  support for Obama’s plans for a bigger government should behoove all liberals to make their donations as soon as possible so opposition to those plans can be quieted.  Do not force the government’s propaganda machine to work overtime, make your contributions so free speech need not come under attack.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Simple Solution to Our Financial Problems


There is a simple solution readily available to the citizens of the United states who think taxes should be higher to pay for the growth of services and government.  Nothing actually is in their way either.  it exists and does not require any congressional action at all.  Just pay it.

Every year the Internal Revenue Service takes in free contributions from taxpayers.  If Warren Buffet is bothered by the fact he pays a rate less than his secretary, he is 100% free to make up the difference.  If all those thinking they do not pay enough just took this patriotic and easy to make option to just pay the difference, or more.  absolutely nothing is stopping any of these people.

The same applies to all who wish to help the government serve the nation and think taxes should be higher.  Take action.  Do not wait for the Congress to act.  Just make that free will donation.  Let the media know.  They will be most happy to praise you and make large how patriotic and proper you are.  The publicity would be priceless.

Once you think of this choice, one wonders why these people have not made use of this option already?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Thought on the Illegal Immigration Proposal


If the proposed illegal immigration package passes as they are proposing, or a similar package, what are the plans to take care of the anger of allowing one group of people to ignore the law?  Maybe the bill should include a “Get Our of Jail Free” card for all citizens.  The Constitution does demand fairness and equality.  All deserve a free illegal move.  Most would just ignore taxes for a time.  One could limit the scope of the crimes, of course.  They also should prepare a statement for teachers on how to teach kids to obey the law while they reward law breakers so.  That could be a tough one.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of the Road?


Have we reached the end of the road?  Long considered one of the ends of the Earth, The French have now invaded Timbuktu and we are helping.  It marks that no place on Earth is beyond the national interests of the powers.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Thought


If you champion the violation of the law by illegal immigrants, how can more law be your answer to any problem, including gun control and mass shootings?  Washington, and specifically the Democrats, think law is the only answer to all.  Yet if law is then all law must receive their backing and support,  You cannot fail to enforce one law, while actively supporting the right of people to violate it, then expect respct for law.  …probably never occurs to the party that they do this.