Sunday, January 30, 2005

Phantom Of the Opera is Great

Phantom of the Opera is worth your time. While an old story, this version really grabs you and takes you along. The singing is of top quality. The sets are fantastic. Paris can easily be beautiful, but the fading in and out through time is done with true skill.. The only ding on the surface is that the scenes can seem to jump at times. Why is she standing there when she was in another place the scene before? What is the blonde girl doing at the end? This is minor and of those I went with only once did we agree on this. See it soon.

I'm Back

The web offers so many things to do that as I try them out I keep finding that time runs short to do them all. My blog has been one of those lost souls. A lot has taken place, but expressing myself is one of those things that has to come back. It has been a year under a rock. More to come...