Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NBC needs to work together

Odd the contrast between Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly New on Monday. Brian reported on a government intelligence briefling that had been leaked. He told us all about it. When Mitchell started to talk all she could say about it was that it was legal only to say the title. Does this mean that Brian Williams was using stolen goods as he talked? It sure sounded like it.

Is NBC encouraging all of us to openly use known stolen goods. If they can, can we all? I think they need to examine their senee of morality and ethics again. If I used goods I knew were stolent, I would be arrested. They proclaim themselves abovce the las by what they did. ANdrea Mitchell's words confirmed it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is the American Press now Anti-Democracy?

Amazing as it seems, one is probably right in detecting a sense of democracy bashing in the American press coming out of their Iraqi War coverage. I sometimes cannot believe my ears as I listen. Faith in democracy has been such bedrock in America. Now to hear open and clear hints that democracy is not for everyone is almost surreal. My third grade teacher would turn over in her grave, she probably has.

Is the press just preparing us to face the loss of our own democracy? Do they see a “friendly fascism” of the left or right? That is a silly question in that the press favors only the left. If they lead us away from trying to bring democracy to the world, they take us away from a multi-decade, multi-party promise that democracy can save the world from the horrors of the past. Is their hatred of American and Western Civilization so pronounced that they have decided democracy must be in error, too? Is it that they have just realized their role in hurting democracy here and they are attempting to save themselves from their sins by blaming the democracy that allows them to speak?

The future is becoming more scary every day.

News and No News

It was interesting how focused the news media were on the gathering of Taliban in a town square in Afghanistan the other week. They made it seem like another aspect of inept Bush actions that no bombing took place.

I noticed the next night that FOX pointed out at 5 that no bombing took place because there are U.S. rules against bombing funerals. Note the morality of US policy. Intersting to find that NBC and CBS did not mention the real news about the incident. Their 5:30 [CST] news covered moral indignation over administration behavior involving the Geneva Convention without noting that the previous night's story had a moral cause.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Jihadists, Marxist, NAZI at the NY Times at it Again?

Some very illuminating items in the news today. The Pope spoke to a group of academics and quoted a Byzantine source concerning the evil and violent nature of Islam. He was not stating his view, but was referencing a source.

What is interesting is that the Islamic world is up in arms over the use of the quotation. Of course, illustrating the non-violent nature of Islam, they have burned four churches in Jerusalem, one not even associated with the Catholic Church [is this PC violation by itself?]. They have called for more jihad, or war, against the Christian World. Interesting that they have objected to being called violent by being violent. They illustrate the peaceful nature of Islam by burning and threatening death. What definition of peaceful do they possibly use?

The New York Times, keeping with their Jihadist principles, has called on the Pope to apologize. I guess if this is the way the New York Times wants it, we can give it to them. If they quote Hitler they must be Nazi. If they quote Marx they are communists. If they cover the Klan and put in a quotation, they must be Klan type. Oh my God, they have quoted Bush. The New York Times are supporters of Bush! And they see themselves as the bastion of free speech. They are anti-Western crusaders and Jihadists.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric's New Start

Not so good. Katie Couric's first night on CBS was not so good. The obvious look at the situation was that there was a reason she was always on the couch with Matt and not at the desk with Natalie or Ann. That certain something that the desk person has to have was not there. Watch any of the others and then Katire, and you can tell something is missing.

CBS also seemed to take on NBC's move to the life. The first few stories had those "wonderful Talban" that left adores showing up those Americans. What great news for the left. If we attacked them then we could only be critisized for over doing it.

In all, a sad start.