Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is the American Press now Anti-Democracy?

Amazing as it seems, one is probably right in detecting a sense of democracy bashing in the American press coming out of their Iraqi War coverage. I sometimes cannot believe my ears as I listen. Faith in democracy has been such bedrock in America. Now to hear open and clear hints that democracy is not for everyone is almost surreal. My third grade teacher would turn over in her grave, she probably has.

Is the press just preparing us to face the loss of our own democracy? Do they see a “friendly fascism” of the left or right? That is a silly question in that the press favors only the left. If they lead us away from trying to bring democracy to the world, they take us away from a multi-decade, multi-party promise that democracy can save the world from the horrors of the past. Is their hatred of American and Western Civilization so pronounced that they have decided democracy must be in error, too? Is it that they have just realized their role in hurting democracy here and they are attempting to save themselves from their sins by blaming the democracy that allows them to speak?

The future is becoming more scary every day.

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