Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Been Laying Low

It is time for the gang at the lake to come out of that winter shell they get into, and start to join the fray. It was brought to our attention that the ND Democrats have a link to us, and we feel some need to provide them with the opionions they need to see the light and approach the new world with optimisim. We are, of course, listed among the rightist blogs. The obvious spot for a blog with a note about Barry Goldwater in its possession.

What the Democrats and nearly the whole Wordl need now is to see the impact of America pulling back into its shell. We should not only begin our pullout from Iraq, a view stated with continuing support for President Bush, following our near-term blast at the enemy; but we should follow that by a pullout from every where except Afghanistan; Frankfurt, Germany; and Okinawa, Japan. Darfur? Why should we help Islamic people who only will hate us solve their problems. The next spot? Why should we respond? Let Europe do it. Maybe the Islamic countries with their big voices can show some sense of reality. If the world cannot function without us, it will learn that lesson really fast given the multitude of problems out there that could use our help. We need to make a full withdrawl and resist any and all efforts to involve our tropps in any place but the United States and our lands.

The world will pay big, big time; and they will understand the pain of their error. Tough olove, but fully required in times like these.

America First. Our Motto!!!