Thursday, April 20, 2006

Civilian Control of the Military: Our History Ignored by the Liberals

Just a quick note to the Washington crowd. The Constitution of the United States entrusts the military to civilian control. Any student of Truman, now claimed as great by both parties, knows that his fight with MacArthur was over this very issue during the Korean War. The reaction of the liberal press and the liberals in general, as with Ted Kennedy this morning on the Today Show (NBC April 12, 2006), would lead one to think the Constitution read the other way. Rumsfeld is in charge and that is what our founders wanted. The generals always have had problems with this. Funny how the rule of our history is again ignored by the liberals in pursuit of damaging the America we all love.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Political Quiz

Here is a neat political quiz I found on Sheri’s “In My Opinion” blog.

Try it out at World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Identifying one's place in the spectrum is a problem for so many. In these days of political polarization, it is important to know one's place. The gang at the lake is probably best received by those placng themselves in the right area of the top Libertarian space.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jury Nullification and the Mexico-US Border Issue

Watching the Americans struggling along the US border with Mexico is suggesting some scary thoughts. The main thrust of the story was that the illegal-immigrants are leaving a massive amount of litter, but the side issue was that the government is doing nothing to help these people. They are living in fear and the value of their property has been reduced to zero by government inaction.

The first suggestion from this fight is that lawsuits based on eminent domain may take place. The government has abdicated its authority over this part of the American territory. The residents deserve to be compensated for their loss. How big will that bill be for all of us to bear?

The more serious suggestion is that the border residents will start to protect themselves. This opens the door to jury nullification. The legal system will just have to charge such people because of its political rules and lack of a sense of justice; but will Americans convict? It is the finest opening for jury nullification that can be pictured. The government has abdicated authority over a part of our territory. This makes the legal system null. You cannot abdicate authority on one hand then expect those bearing the burden to follow the defunct legal system. You are in full control or you are not. Facing a jury of their peers as the Constitution guarantees, the juries would set such people free. Jury nullification would become widespread. The authority of the government could begin to fall apart. Conservatives have always bought that notion. Liberals are now buying in via the failure of FEMA in New Orleans. The only thing holding them back is a belief that the problem is with the Republicans not government. The concept that New Orleans was too big for a government run by anyone will sink in with the next crisis. You cannot act fast when the system of rights and fairness imposes a giant burden on speed. The Democrats will fail next time and the belief of people from all sides in government will be gone. Jury nullification will become manifest.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Democrat Memory Failure

The gang at the lake has been noting the massive memory failure among the Democrats concerning how it was they who insisted, against White House wishes, that FEMA be put into Homeland Security as part of the response to the 9/11 report. Everything had to be enacted or the country was going to fall apart. They insisted upon another layer of administration. As any real conservative knows, the more layers the less can be done. Each layer protects itself and its interests.

The larger mystery is why the Republicans are not exploiting this issue. While many of them were with the Democrats, the White House and some Republicans were not. Now the Democrats and the Media, from whom no straight answer can be expected, are continuing to pound the post New Orlenas mantra that only bigger government can save us. The only thing that can save us is what some of the Louisiana folk outside New Orleans can proudly tell us: Be prepared to do it yourself. If you relie on government, you will sink no matter which party is in charge.

Of course, the Democrat Party is the party of those who believe that no one can do it themselves. There is no flow of money through them if people actually do it themselves.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Iran Aid Refused

I wondered about an article this weekend saying our offer of aid to earthquake victims in Iran was being refused. I am torn between out sense of humanity and the realization that the end of every effor t to help in the postmodern world results in out being blamed for something. In the end the result of being blamed for every problem on earth has left the gang at the lake on the side of wondering why we would be offering our enemy any aid?

If they can spit at us over and over, why should our hand be so easily offered? Maybe it is time for our aid to stay home unless the hand of friendship has been offered.