Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Passing

The passing of Ted Kennedy brings another pause for the gang. So many of the names the gang has grown and lived with are leaving us. Never supporters of Ted Kennedy, for obvious reasons, he nonetheless has been there with so many others. The gang noted that in the Fargo Forum, when you left the fronyt page for the remainders of the articles on Kennedy, and ad for alcohol products took the whole center 3 inches of the page from top to bottom. Just not the right place for the ad, yet Kennedy never seemed to be in just the right place either. Such prospects he had, yet such failures.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Rebellion

The gang has noted a growing rebellion. They also have noticed that the same Liberals who shouted down conservatives these last years are now crying and moaning that someone is doing the same thing back to them and how terrible it is. Health care is very personal to people. You can range far and wide on tiopics like Iraq, but health is near to home. As the phrase goes, "All politics is local", when you talk nationalization of health care it is not an unemotional issues for many. This people live every day. Iraq most do not. Expect outbursts of emotion then.