Saturday, May 14, 2016

Campaign 2016

Where does one begin.  The gang at the lake has been sitting back and watching it all happen.  An amazing election season.  The most amazing thing is the utter shock and misunderstanding displayed by the mainstream GOP folk.  They truly have and still have, no idea of how far they have become near traitors and idiots to their following.  The “anger” of the Trump crowd mystifies them.  It should not.  They need only look at their dubious performance over that last eight years to see that they spoke one way and acted another.

Mitch McConnell's actions are the best example.  Bills not pursued because the Democrats might filibuster.  The Cruz filibuster brought the ceiling on him, but Democrats would assume the positions of gods?  Let their filibuster shut the government down.  Let them take the honest blame for once.  Instead he was afraid they might speak.  Oh the horror as Sheldon might say.
An in the end , if you look the last few years over, even the most minimal of cuts has been restored.  Could they even go for a 1% cut in the automatic 8% raise each year?  Nope.  The GOP failed to understand who voted for them.  They should not be mystified, they should be ashamed.

The other issue they failed to grasp is that the whole Democratic Party platform has emotions at its base.  It has been hard to attack because they are always emotional.  The Biggest thing Trump has put his finger on, is that the GOP can be emotional too.  Just look at that border response that started the Trump movement.  It was all emotion.  The has been the key to the Democrats moves for decades.  Child do not get educated.  Grandma is pushed off a cliff.  People starve even if 50 cents is cut from the budget for the Tea Office (inspects tea).  Emotion, always emotion.  Now the GOP has it, too.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Liberal Inconsistency with the Law

The LA Times article on the defacing of a Styrofoam wall at Loyola-Marymount College that was decorated with statements in support of illegal immigrants raises an interesting point.  While fully supporting a group in open violation of the law, they want everyone else to obey the law.  They were “dismayed.”  They have not thought about the implications of giving the law status as right only when we want to and being able to violate/ignore it when we want also.  If they openly champion ignoring the law, then everyone else is free in their world to ignore the law, also.  

We have seen this phenomena over and over with the left.  #blacklivesmatter disrupts events and takes over public and private areas expecting their ignoring the law and decency is just fine, but let someone challenge them , as at the Trump rallies, and wow where are those wonderful police to arrest those violators.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander, making a good reason to support the law in its forms.