Thursday, April 12, 2012

Redistribution and Values Dilemma for Liberals


The question liberals must begin to face and answer is if redistribution of wealth is acceptable because of Obama’s belief that it reflects our long term values as Americans, what is the source of those values and are they constitutional as a source of values?

What secular source of values can be cited that all have agreed to in the past that see a societal responsibility exiting for supporting the poor through government? Now remember this must be traditional “American” in nature. It must be long term and agreed upon by the basic membership of the nation. Karl Marx does not qualify. Franklin Roosevelt is too recent.

The problem is no secular source has long term standing and wide acceptance as policy to occupy this position. The source is Christian values. [Of course, Islamic values are even stronger in supporting giving to the poor via the zakat, but this has neither of the factors on its side.] If one just asks the simple question “why” when quizzed about supporting the poor, the values of faith have to be involved. What else carries such a wide charge to people?

All this raises a dilemma for those supporting income redistribution as it must be clearly unconstitutional being based in religion. And, do note they would be the first to want religion separated from government and society.

Being religious and not secular, the Democratic Party is oddly putting Christian values into to play for their own purposes. These are the people least likely to support anything Christina being a part of American life. Indeed the sworn enemies of religion in its totality.

So if the Obama regime continues to make the case that view we must support this given our values, then all those values deserve support or the partial use for this action must be unconstitutional. If supporting the poor is a national value based in faith, then abortion must go, too.