Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Ease of Voting

The gang at the lake does not understand all the hassles that people have voting. I showed up and went immediately to the table for my ward. No line at all. Even before I could get my wallet fully out Jean, at the table, told me they wouldn't need that. She has known me for years. She pojnted out to the woman next at the table that this was Paul and his wife Sue had voted earlier. Our names were now both checked in the books and I was told to go around an older woman they were helping get registered. I was given my ballot and its folder. I picked among the six or seven open polling tables. I voted and took the ballot over to the machine. I placed it in the electronic reader. I guy standing here told me to wait until the number appeared. It instantly appeared and I was on my way. No lines. No hassles. Maybe all thos other folk having troubles need to look at where they live.