Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Jihadists, Marxist, NAZI at the NY Times at it Again?

Some very illuminating items in the news today. The Pope spoke to a group of academics and quoted a Byzantine source concerning the evil and violent nature of Islam. He was not stating his view, but was referencing a source.

What is interesting is that the Islamic world is up in arms over the use of the quotation. Of course, illustrating the non-violent nature of Islam, they have burned four churches in Jerusalem, one not even associated with the Catholic Church [is this PC violation by itself?]. They have called for more jihad, or war, against the Christian World. Interesting that they have objected to being called violent by being violent. They illustrate the peaceful nature of Islam by burning and threatening death. What definition of peaceful do they possibly use?

The New York Times, keeping with their Jihadist principles, has called on the Pope to apologize. I guess if this is the way the New York Times wants it, we can give it to them. If they quote Hitler they must be Nazi. If they quote Marx they are communists. If they cover the Klan and put in a quotation, they must be Klan type. Oh my God, they have quoted Bush. The New York Times are supporters of Bush! And they see themselves as the bastion of free speech. They are anti-Western crusaders and Jihadists.

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