Friday, September 20, 2013

"There is a sucker born every minute" --P. T. Barnum (possibly David Hannum)

Old P.T. was right then, and certainly right today. So much of the American public is easily described as suckers. The buy the bilge the criminals in Washington put out as policy and legislation. The ony issue is tha they must be born faster than one a minute. 

Another government debt limit crisis without any serious solutions to the problem. If we gave a credit card to a 12 year old, they would display more sense than 80% of the elected criminals in Washington D.C. 

I have heard more and more people saying good shut it down, including Jay Leno. Myself I just say replacement the elected criminals with totally new people. Do not shut it down, replace it or them. Only then can an intelligent discussion of the coming destruction of the United States be accomplished. Senator Tom Coburn's (R0OK) book The Debt Bomb leads to that conclusion. While he continues to try, the suckers will buy any bilge the criminals put out, so total replacement is the only answer.
But sadly the suckers will buy another run at fraudulent statesmanship of making that last minute deal to save us all while really selling us down the tubes. When the suckers suddenly find that overspending is being handled by a future destruction of the dollar--when the suckers have to pay $10 for that gallon of gas and $15 for a hamburger--will they begin to come out of their stupor and toss the criminals out. The criminals believe the suckers will accept their claim that Bush did it, but many will no longer remember Bush and the criminals might be exposed for they shysters they are. A pox on all their houses.

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