Monday, September 09, 2013

The People Ignored

Funny how the Washington elites can turn on the people.  They want to serve the people and the people are important until the survey says the people do not agree with them.  Boxer showed that on Sunday TV by pointing out that the people have not seen what she has seen, even if Obama has be quite open about showing things, and she knows better.  What elitist  trash.  What she has seen is useless compared to a public not wanting another war that will up the charge card some more with hardly a person in Washington with the sense to look and say hey we are going down the tubes.

Unless the chemical weapons stash is gone, bombing anything cannot make our world safer.  Just Obama into the moral compass he wants to be buts fails.  Brings out the children being killed propaganda, but parties when we kill 7000 babies here a day.  Moral when it suits his purpose.  That means you cannot trust his sense of morality, he is making it up as he goes.

All troops from all continents, home now!  Hey that is what the liberals have wanted for decades unless their district sells something to the military.

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