Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Law is the answer?

Is "law" the answer to problems? or, is it merely a palliative bordering on a joke? The Washington crowd fully buys the concept that to pass a law solves all problems. Their egos tell them this is what I do, it must work. If the law fails to solve the problem, more law is the only possible answer. As the supreme source of law, the Washington crowd is deep into making Americans dependent upon secular government. Law can solve it all and produce a country filled with "great" values. Now violence will end with more laws. It is part of the mantra of government. The record is poor. 

The "War on Poverty" legislation ended poverty, did it not? The War of Drugs just wiped out drug use. It is illegal, it just be gone. Education can be improved only via law. we must lead the world in that one. Murder is banned by a lot of laws, it cannot possibly exist now. 

In the end the success rate of law is quite poor. Law solves little. But it does promote careers in the Washington Game. I passed a law is the first claim of the candidates. The American public is known for not following along, so they buy this. They buy it like candy at Christmas or Easter, an ice cream cone in July. P. T. Barnum has it right, there is s sucker bone every minute, and Washington believes in W. C. Fields "never give a sucker and even break." . America needs a sense of shame. Open those eyes. Breathe the stupidity.

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