Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Simple Solution to Our Financial Problems


There is a simple solution readily available to the citizens of the United states who think taxes should be higher to pay for the growth of services and government.  Nothing actually is in their way either.  it exists and does not require any congressional action at all.  Just pay it.

Every year the Internal Revenue Service takes in free contributions from taxpayers.  If Warren Buffet is bothered by the fact he pays a rate less than his secretary, he is 100% free to make up the difference.  If all those thinking they do not pay enough just took this patriotic and easy to make option to just pay the difference, or more.  absolutely nothing is stopping any of these people.

The same applies to all who wish to help the government serve the nation and think taxes should be higher.  Take action.  Do not wait for the Congress to act.  Just make that free will donation.  Let the media know.  They will be most happy to praise you and make large how patriotic and proper you are.  The publicity would be priceless.

Once you think of this choice, one wonders why these people have not made use of this option already?

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