Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sharp Points on those Missiles

The world has missed a giant point being made by America over the last year, the era of restraint is over. With the bogging down of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, the negative reaction to use of the military in America, the down turn in recruitment, law suits filed over National Guard reimbursement, the attack of the media on American power; the role of the American military is likely to change. It would seem that the use of American troops is not going to be in the cards in the future.

What does that mean for the world? The main impact has been to reduce America down to a nuclear power. If this country lacks the will to use troops again, then the only military answer left is the nuclear weapon. The use of the military in connection with Iran has been mentioned, but it will not be us. It will be a missile.

The attack of the "left" on America will leave nuclear weapons as the only answer. The problem will only worsen if Hillary Clinton, or any democrat become sPresident. The military can never depend upon her supporters to fill it. The military is largely filled with conservative, patriot Americans. When she finds a place that needs the military, there will be no one there for her to use. I doubt she can face reestablishing the draft, thus the nuclear answer looms. The use of the Air Force can forestall it, but eventually only the nuclear weapon can win.

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