Friday, March 31, 2006

Lawyer Outrage II

The Today Show [March 31, 2006] carried an interview by a lawyer launching his lawsuit against the tanning lotion industry because the marketing claims to not match the reality of using the product. That is why we have instructions! Everyone knows that one applies and applies through the day. Every bottle tells you to put enough on. A request ot NBC to let people know about the proper ways in which to use lotion, and a friendly note to the companies that people may need some reminding of the nature of the lotions would be the nice way to do this. BUT, that would not generate an unidentified, but no doubt in the millions fee, for the lawyer. This guy is precisely what is wrong with the American legal system. It is based on suits and making money for the lawyers. Not everything benefits from a lawsuit.

Since we all need the litions to be outside for any length, we all are going to pay for that "lawyers" vacations., car, house, and cottage for the rest of our lives. If he really cared, the friendly way would have worked so much easier and at no cost to us.

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