Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol-10 Cut

It was sad to see Lisa go, but it was predictable. Lisa can sing but she just never had that crowd grabbing something or it. She certainly was a pro about losing out. She needs some showbiz training and she will be back and on fire. She might just have been too young and vulnerable.

Three larger show items took place last night:

1. Seacrist did not reveal how many phone votes they took in. He has been sure to make a big point of that the previous several weeks. They obviously were down. The fault lies in the lackluster performances of Tuesday, and the fault for that lies not with the contestants, but with FOX or 19. The choice of 21st Century music was one for the outhouse. What song of the last six years has a giant nationwide audience? I cannot name one even close. We have had elevator music. I am sure that decline, unless Ryan just left it out, weighs large on the AI crew. Give them something to sing, and they shall provide. We have had two weeks of this now [with Manilow inbetween]. Stevie is great, but who else can sing that stuff? The 2000s have been lean on good songs.

2. They heard us and let Lisa finish her song. Not one second more, but she got to the last note. They were rude to the earlier losers. They had fans and should have gotten to finsih. Lisa did.

3. Given the horrible theme choice, they missed Kevin more than they probably thought. Part of the engtertainment value was gone. Sad.

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