Saturday, November 01, 2008

Elelction Eve Sadness

On the massively long awaited eve of the election, it is time to review this newly extended period of American life. The calm may last all the way to March 7 and Obama’s second walk on the waters of tehe Potomac; except that this time he sinks. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, in scuba gear, will provide the weight to make him sink. Obama’s promise of change as the people see it is in such a totally different universe from what will take place in the business as usual Congress, only with new people getting the meat of the fattened calf. Not a new calf or dinner plate, just a new crowd with the knife.

The gang at the lake still hopes for a Huckabee come from behind victory, but they suspect this is only the glimmer of too much sherry.

With a slight inkling of a withdrawal of the Christian Right and other conservatives from the American Community several years ago repressed, it may explode anew. The Baptist movement has done it before, only now the crowd leaving and taking their American flags with them will be bigger and more diverse. With no limit to San Francisco values taking over Washington now, they will return to the older view that the political community is tainted and a risj to one’s salvation. Withdrawl is required. Flags will come down. Army volunteers will look elsewhere. Obama’s collection will find that it built on a base of anti-Americanism including the anti-America mass media. When it calls for patriotism and sacrifice as John Kennedy did, the silence will deafen.
Talk is of America’s decline. Will those most enamored to political correctness and it’s anti-American attack on free speech that is not derogatory to America and its limits to freedom suddenly shift, as Michelle Obama did, to now loving an America cloaked in socialism and limits on freedom?

Why should the inventiveness of any America be used here when the financial rewards will go to those who ridiculed them in school for paying attention and not partying? That they should be patriotic and pay it in taxes will generate laughs then goodbyes as they realize that the statements come from those who have mocked patriotism for years.


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