Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Downhill Time for Obama

The gang came out from the fall retreat, my the leaves are nice, to start wondering about this Obama. The main focus is whether he is the "New Nixon" with his enemies list especially the Fox Network, the "New Fascist" with his attempt to control thought as with the NEA grants, or the "New Marxist" with his obvious set of marxist advisors and redustribution of wealth advisors. So hard to figure out a guy so flustered and going down the tubes that he is a cloud of contridictions.

His enemies list makes him the New Nixon. His people have opnely declared war on Fox News. I supose he has lost his look at Kennedy and Roosevelt and shifted his admiration to Nixon.

That he is attempting to control the health care debate so tightly is Fascist policy. The National Endowment for the Arts giving out grants for artists with grants or wnating them to promote health care change is not an American way of doing things. He beats down Humana for its suggestion to clinets that the new policy might damage thier policies with Humana. Nixon was never this bad.

And he is surrounded by advisors who are Marxist. Dunn admires Mao in a speech she gave. Others have that kind of redustrutionist leaning. He is on the attack at American buiness and thinks jobs will just appear as you beat down those who create them. He went to the G20 and acted like the French have, apologizing for being more than a Third World place over the last centrueis. Let us now rejoice as we take a back seat in world affairs and just become also rans like some of Europe. He sees American not as a beacon of freedom but as a bully to be destoyed and cornered. Michelle's not being proud of America was actually her husband's full view if he were honest with us.

Now where were those bunker plans?

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