Thursday, September 04, 2003

The Ten Commandments

The real cost of this whole process of removing Christianity from our public life could be an increasing withdrawl of the Christian community from the American community. In this I look not just to the more active Christian crowd, but the larger silent Christian community.

In larger perspective, the removal of the monument in Alabama is just one tiny piece of a gigantic attack on anything of Western Civilization. As the public culture of the United States separates itself more and more from its past and its roots, what remains may not be something that any one wants to support. We are already viewed by many as a nation of lost sheep. To further cut away our underpinning will only leave Americans looking for more support. Those attacking the roots of our nation may find that they have removed all elements of our past to find that nothing good is there to replace them.

A nation of tolerance is a worthy goal, but can America take tolerating everything at the expense of diminishing what is of value to a majority of its people?

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