Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NY Times Fails to Understand Rights and Freedoms

Tricky times with the New York Times article letting the world know about our secret operations. That the Times thinks the nation and world need to know this can only enhance our belief that the Times is anti-American and supports the goals of Muslim Jihadists. Of course, the issues will be clouded by other media over the question of whether the Times or the supplier of the information is the larger criminal; but the end answer should be both are criminals.

If I knowing receive stolen goods and use them freely as mine, I would be a criminal in every state. That makes the Times a receiver to stolen information and a criminal. They know they have stolen information and they openly used it. The Times is a criminal operation just as any citizen would be who used stolen goods.

While the Times will wrap itself up in the Constitution, what would have happened to them if they wrote about the cracking of Hitler’s codes during World War II? If they had printed our estimates of Japanese intentions based on the tricking of the Japanese prioer to the Midway battle? The First Amendment to the Constitution would be gone because America would be gone.

This is the result of the failure of the New York Times to understand its role in public policy. By not understanding the simple lesson that freedoms comes with responsibility, the New York Times undermines the very principle it so lovingly seeks to use. The end result of the Times' actions will be an end to the very freedom they think they are supporting.

They must be prosecuted to reestablish that principle.

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