Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Election is Going Already?

The gang at the lake was amazed as they came in from the beach to find that the presidential election had already started. The gang unanimously recalled this all once flowing to a convention, followed by a vacation, followed by the start of the campaign on Labor Day. That the September-October race is already on, in a campaign that has been here near two years, was viewed with displeasure. With Americans burned out on politics, more of what makes it look bad to them is not a good thing. Even worse, some pundits have already talked of the 2012 race.

The gang subcommittee on blogs had already planned its impeach Hillary page for January 21. Ruined. Now the focus is on Obama, who will implode. As his "change" theme turns into Washington's "more of the same" workings, he will just disappoint. Think of it. Nancy Pelosi and change? Not in this century. She can';t even turn off the politics of the past to solve people suffering with high energy prices. Obama is set ot look like Clinton after he imploded in his first term. Everyone is approaching this election with such emotions, the results of Obama will devastate American Politics for years to come.

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