Saturday, October 02, 2010

Articles of Confederation

I am thinking of joining the small group of folks who beleive the Constitution was illegally adopted. This would put us back under the Articles of Confederation thus robbing the low lifes running our country of their cushy permanent sources of corruption. It is time this week to show the Thomas Jefferson video in class and get back to politicians you actually might have some chance of meeting some day in heaven.

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Kate said...

This argument may be valid on a theoretical legal level; however, as a practical matter, I'm pretty certain the statute of limitations has run out on making that argument and seeing a change, especially given the political and additional economic instability it would cause. What a waste of money to recreate a governing system that would probably be as inefficient as the one we currently have. And I do prefer that I currently am guaranteed a Bill of Rights, where I'm allowed to constructively criticize my government and push it to change, rather than have the legally correct government with the risk of no rights at all. -K