Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stay Out Of Libya

The non-Libertarian Right and to the Left are all wrong. The US has no place involving itself in Libya. First our military is over extended already. Second, how can we afford more? Third, a dollar invested in friendship or humanitarianism in the Islamic Middle East only bring $10 back in hate. To help is to hurt. Simple as that. No US in Libya. Not a plane, not a missile, not a dollar.

Of interest is that this is more spending we do not have. The Tomahawk attack cost $71 million just for the missiles.[Fox]. Gaddafi is our enemy, but the internal revolts of foreign places are not our business. Gaddafi has already begun to play the "colonialism" card and that can go very far around the world. The point of why America is hated is that we stick our nose into everyone's affairs. They simply are not. Of course, Obama may consider $71 million a cheap price in generating the anti-America feeling he desires. He thinks others might like the government of the US to be in every aspect of their lives like Obama and the liberals think they should be in our lives. We face paying a high price in money, people, and friendships to learn that the answer to our control of other's lives is a responding "no". One wonders if the rest of the world will suppress their feelings when the Obama crowd starts to call any one racist who opposed him around the world?

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