Saturday, December 17, 2011


It is presidential election time we hear.  The gang is naturally a set of Ron Paul.  His appearance on Jay Leno last night (Dec 16, 2011) only confirmed that.  Alive and active and the most supporter believer in the abilities of people among all of the candidates.  While most candidates of both parties believe people are useless and stupid,  only capable of being guided through life, Paul believes in people.  Think for yourself.  Do it yourself.  The Bob Villa of the political campaign.  A winner to us.

The balanced budget amendment is tempting, but a waste of time.  It merely provides a financial rule to avoid debts.  It does nothing to stop spending and government growth like many seem to think.  A balanced budget can just result in justification for raising taxes, too.  Higher taxes will balance any budget.  Supporters seem to ignore this possibility.  The war on spending will not be stopped by this toy.

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