Monday, May 01, 2006

Darfur: Now the Liberals Think it is OK to Follow Western Culture

The gang at the lake was outraged over the weekend by the scale of the move by the liberals to get the US into Darfur. Where has George Clooney been when his country needed support to relieve the Iraqi people of a genocidal leader? In opposition. Now the liberal press wants the US to step in and solve the problem in Chad/Sudan.

The US should let its non-involved allies like France and Germany take the brunt of this one. They have sat on the sidelines for several years now.

The lesson of Iraq is that the people of the Middle East do not want us. Clooney’s big mouth was in the forefront of making that one clear until this weekend. Now he is outraged that the US is not stepping right up to the plate to solve an internal Islamic World problem.

Imagine telling our troops, you are going to face death to keep one Islamic group from killing another Islamic group. Both groups, of which would like to see all Americans dead and rotting in hell. Chad and Sudan are surrounded by their own people with plenty of money. If Libya can finance Irish Republican Army terror, it can afford to solve a problem in its neighbor’s world. The same can be said for the other oil-rich Middle Eastern countries. They are so outraged that we tried to bring democracy to Iraq, let them take the bull be the horn and settle their own dispute.

Solving disputes within the Islamic World is no longer our business. When Iraq and Afghanistan are done, this part of the world should be beyond the range of the US military. If they kill each other because the US won’t come and help them act like aduslts under our cultural views, let them kill each other under the guise of their culture. Our culture cannot be so wrong one day to people like Clooney, and so right the next. It is the right choice and to save our culture we must stay at home and let these places learn better vales by themselves. If Islam is tolerant of genocide, then let the world learn that lesson. That will end the anti-western bias of our press and the liberals.

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