Friday, May 05, 2006

NBC Promotion of a Darfur Intervention Two Faced

Is NBC politically pushing for the US to enter the Darfur crisis with troops? Given their display of George Clooney and his father going to Darfur, then their coverage of the demonstrations, and finally Darfur is the focus of one of the few major shows they have on the network: ER; it seems that their political push has extended beyond the news. The ER piece (May 4) was very powerful in showing the humanitarian problem—and one that is real and should be solved—it was curious to note that the word “Islamic” was never said. They avoided mentioning, unless I missed it, saying that the background cast of hundreds was totally Islamic. They avoided the use of the one word that would give Americans pause at helping. Very curious.

Their hidden agenda is obvious. While saving Islamic people was “wrong” when Bush did it in Iraq; it becomes right when NBC and George Clooney think it is ok in Darfur. They should have been honest with the audience. Nearly every, including the little kids, in the background cast would wish every American dead. These people would be just another help us, then go to hell group.

NBC should play it with some sense of honesty, as Clooney should. These are Islamic people and they hate us. They are hurting, but that was the goal in Iraq; to help people who are hurting [the Kurds]. Given NBC and Clooney’s attack on that war, why should Americans risk their lives to help people so committed to our destruction? If the many Kurds who died because of genocidal policies are of no value to NBC and Clooney, why are the Sudanese worthy?

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