Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cigarette Example Makes Gun Control Harder

The current anti-smoking drive may have the ultimate and unexpected result of providing evidence support the arguments of people who see any first step in regulation or control of guns as being the first step toward elimination. The U.S. has gone from warnings from mom, to warnings on packs, to age restrictions, to tax increase messages, to limited bans, to full public bans, to finally bans on smoking in rental units. “Control Creep” it might be called.

The next time gun control comes up the arguments against it now have a case study to use to say that controlling one aspect leads to controlling more to every aspect. In the next round on gun control, the argument that controlling one aspect of guns will lead to controlling more to all aspects of guns, will now have a powerful supporting piece of evidence.

Of course, you also have Medicaid and the march to national health insurance. Help one place and it grows to others. Witness the current SCHIPS battle.

Ok, the slippery slope exists.

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