Monday, September 24, 2007

Gang Visits Nature at Itasca

The gang at the lake loaded into the vehicle and motored to Itasca State Park in Minnesota Saturday. The leaves were in the same mixed up mode that North Dakota leaves seem to be in. But; so what? Nature was at its most beautiful and certainly spectacular. Some of those rare lavender leaves were spotted, among a lot of bright yellows and rare reds.

While some areas were faded green, others were nearly down. The conditions reflected a normal year last week, combined with next weekend and the weekend after that. Explanations abound: early fall, bad winter ahead, dry spring, early fronts. Attempts to blame it on Bill or Hillary Clinton were amazingly discounted, though the gang usually believes these and passes them on. But attempts to politicize a journey into Nature’s handiwork failed. Love the trees. Adore the lake. Do not forget the wild rice soup at the lodge.

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