Monday, September 10, 2007

The Persecution of Christians in America

A recent ad in U.S. News & World Report stressed the persecution of Christians in today’s world. Seemingly out of place in a nation where Christianity dominates, it sadly is a very real aspect of the liberal left’s drive to rebuild society based on a sense of freedom based upon license rather than liberty.

Christianity, with its stands on traditional morals, is in the way of liberalism’s drive to rationalize every practice as worthy of protection and approval, except those that subscribe to a sense of decency that limits others. To be moral is vilified as setting limits, and to ask for any sense of decency is to deny liberty in expression.

While driving toward license, or total freedom, this liberal thrust is odd and contradictory in that it is accompanied by an equal thrust toward political correctness that emphasizes freedom from offense and control by any group in society that limits actions of another group. For the correct” to advance, the world of the others must change. Freedom to some, the favored because their actions and desires are the opposite of traditional American values, brings persecution to others who support those values.

This, the Christian is persecuted in America. The Christian, as the typical American of history, recognized the importance of control and order, of decency as a societal value. He/She saw the importance of this because liberty has always involved some sense of responsibility while license does not.

The problem is that you cannot expand a society toward a rampant free for all without damaging the world of those who know such change is a pathway toward doom. Once Christian society is weakened in America, postmodern America has shown itself impotent to replace old values as a unifying factor. Never since revolutionary times has America been so divided without any thing to grasp for unity. You cannot even make a claim that the basic rules of the system hold us together when a majority has started to see those rules as working against them. A social glue based on everyone doing whatever they feel like offers a weak gluey paste of the school child in a society needing solid poxy to hold itself together.

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