Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Withdraw from Failed War on Poverty Now!

Is it time to call for a withdrawal of troops and a pullout in the War on Poverty? Begun in the 1960s by then President Lyndon Johnson, this ill conceived move by the Democrats has had a near 40 year record of failure without notable success. Poverty still exits, and in some places like Appalachia, various reservations, and in sections of major cities; it is still endemic and severe.

If 40 years of Federal policy and spending failure has not brought sparkling success and solution to this problem, isn’t it time to try a fresh direction to these policies?

Its policies have failed to bring education as a goal worthy of support in major poverty prone populations of the United States. Its policies have failed to stem drug use from coast to coast among disadvantaged populations. Its policies have promoted divorce among disadvantaged populations and broken up families.

The Democrat thrust to buy votes among the poor has simply failed. It has bought those votes, but is that a reason to continue failed policies? It has had 40 years and not met Johnson’s broad goals. 40 years! America cannot stand to fund the welfare and related systems in light of such a record. Forty years is enough.

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