Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why is Racism on the Minds of NBC and the Liberals?

One deeply wonders why the NBC crowd, the reminder of the liberal media for the most part, and liberals in general have racism on their minds so much. To oppose sending the country into bankruptcy is racist. To oppose the taking away of freedom is racist. To oppose the Democratic Party's march toward socialism is racist. To even label an "Islamic Terrorist" an "Islamic Terrorist" is racist (ignoring the Semitic base of the Jewish population they despise.). It does seem to us that they protest too much.

The ugly turn of American political life is partially supported and favored by the rhetoric of the racists of NBC and other liberal media. The thought was most people had moved beyond racism. The election of Obama signaled an African-American could be president. So why is it that the liberals constantly have to cry racism at opposition to their destructive moves? They are the racists. They are the ones bringing it up. They are the ones promoting that people focus on this variable of life rather than walk away from it as most Americans have. The only conclusion is the the liberal media and the liberals are indeed racist. Maybe they need real jobs so that they can get with the average Americans who are beyond that.

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