Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Racist Obama Regime Setting up Violence?

Amazing how low will the racist Obama regime go? The gang hung their heads in wonder at the dropping of charges against the two “Black Panthers” videotaped standing in dark clothing with clubs in their hands our side as Pennsylvania voting precinct. Now revealed is that the regime has decided that no charges against “Blacks” shall be made in such cases. What they may fail to realize is that if extremist Blacks get off, and the illegal immigrant group gets off; can the regime then walk into court when whites commit a similar crime without the case bringing a discrimination case in court? Could it be that Obama actually wants the violence? What else explains this deviation from fairness? Thus in one case the Obama regime shows it is racist and seeks internal violence. Amazing. It has issues an invitation to extremist violence from the side opposite the extremist "Black Panthers". I wonder if that is the change those voting of Obama had in mind?

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