Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Obama Fostering Racial Violence? Why?

The Arizona case continues to point the way for the Obama’s regime’s promotion of internal violence. While an Obama Regime victory is 50/50 or less, the case points to some racist violence the regime wishes to promote. First, some parts of Arizona are no longer controlled by the government. Citizens are warned to avoid some park areas. []. My god, the government of the United States cannot control parts of the United States and the Obama Regime fails to act in opposition to this violence. Why not fight violence eunless one wants it? Second, the kidnapping crisis is said to heavily invole the illegal immigrant coimmunity. []. In the case against Arizona it can be argued is the message that such cases are no longer Arizona’s business. Obama is in support of this violence or he would work like mad to support those fighting it. Obama wants this violence. Obama does not want Arizona involving itself in cases involving illegal immigrants. If he truly wants to live up to his oath, why not take Arizona’s free help? If Arizona loses they should refuse involvement at the point illegals are found to be a part of the crime. Turn it over to the FBI. Flood them.

In both cases Obama can be said to not be living up to his oath of office. He has to have an eye out, as Pelosi does, for charges up to impeachment after January. He is not carrying out the law and is blocking help. He is setting the case for his impeachment. By the way, the same approach he took in the Gulf Oil crisis. Do not act so that corporate American can be blamed rather than him. Campaign and victory over people to further the leftist Marxist Revolution he supports.

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