Saturday, November 05, 2011

Obama's Support of Class War Bringing Violence

The continual chant of Class War related statements from the Obama regime have now brought violence and damage to several parts of the country.  One does wonder if Obama is so out of touch with his supporters that he vastly underestimated their potential for violence?  Does he still see the left as old hippies content on some drugs and watching the sunset?  Well out of touch sort of comes naturally to them.

The potential for violence grows as the movement gains support from its Washington-based supporters like Obama and Pelosi.  Of course, the people on the street should remember that Pelosi walks away from thing she says with a whisp of her breath, hence the collapse of the promised openness in the health care debate.  Just politics.  And Obama, well he is in denial most of the time anyway. 

Of course in the end the real danger is that the lack of safety and public health in the camps will bring disease and the authorities by then will have been subject to so much leftist critique they will do what they are told and stay away.  Let the Obama Regime explain the deaths and suffering then.

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