Tuesday, November 01, 2011

US Most Devisive in History?

Is this the most divisive time in our History?  Tom Brokaw, talking to Ann Curry on the NBC Today Show (Nov 1, 2011), said it was the worst he has seen.  Having gone through periods like Watergate, Vietnam, and more; the gang tends to agree.  The problem Brokaw did not address is that the older divides focused on more center of the road actions by government.  Those of today are focused on extremism from the left forcing extremism from the right.

If you are vibrating around some middle ground, compromise is easier.  If the fulcrum is way to one side as the slow, now speeded up, move to the left has brought, compromise from the other end cannot be expected.  He looked for independents to work out some adjustment of this.  This could be true.  If they go left, however, then the slow shift left gains momentum and the divisive battle will increase.

If you push left away from a traditional center you have to expect the right to dig in.  That is what we see in front of us.  They cannot compromise because compromise has shifted to far away from the core values of the right and the Nation.

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